West Virginia Aquarium Community

Welcome to the home of the West Virginia Aquarium Community. In 2004 the Chemical Valley Reef Club was created to provide a source of knowledge about the salt water hobby in our area. Since it's inception the CVRC has taught hundreds of new hobbyists and with it's emphasis on coral propagation and animal husbandry techniques, it has collectively saved thousands of coral from being taken from the wild reefs. The WVAC & CVRC are sponsored and run from Specialty Pets LLC in Nitro. As such we offer our members Exlusive product deals and promotions, store sponsored group buys , special members ONLY events, etc that you will find no-where else. If you want to save money, get great advice and talk to fellow hobbyists then you are in the right place.

Registration to the forum is free and you will find equipment reviews, photos, and since the group is backed by LFS's, member only offers and discounts are available to it's members. There is no fee to join or to attend our community events. We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you.


The shop is about to do a large order from HAGEN, Hagen produces both aquatic and reptile equipment. The fluval line and the Exo-tera line are the most known. During this initial order you may make bulk purchases and you will receive these products at deep discounts. If you are interested please contact the shop for details. If you have a Herp club or an aquatics club be sure to tell your members about this opportunity, you do not want to miss out on being able to get top of the line equipment at lower than web prices.

This group buy will end one week from today Nov-10

You may sign up on our facebook page by clicking on the icon above or you can email us at info@specialtypet.com

A good bio-filter may cut down on maintenance but it won't replace it.

The Maintenance Free Myth

How many products have you seen that claim to let you have a maintenance free aquarium? Retailers are always searching for that magic formula that will take away all the work when it comes to cleaning our aquariums. They try to make better filters, chemical additives, and just plain snake oils that promise you won’t have to do anything if you add their product. Is it true? Can you really have a maintenance free system? The answer for most people is a flat out no. You will always have to clean the tank or provide additives in some way or shape. But there are things you can do to lessen the amount of problems you will run into. One of the best things to add is a bio filter of some type. On saltwater setups this can be in the form of a refugium full of macro algaes and live rock. On a freshwater tank it may be a lot of plants. These living filters provide an amazing amount of natural filtration and lessens the frequency of needed maintenance on a system. However they do not replace the need for maintenance and you will always need to do something no matter what equipment you use or however good your filtration may be.